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VersaLam 1300 Assessment: A Compact Roll Laminator That’s Significant on Attributes

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While pouch laminators have already been¬†1300 Numbers ¬† the popular preference for laminating little files for lots of yrs, a growing range of organizations happen to be changing their pouch laminators with compact roll laminators. With sizes from 12″ – 13″ vast, these office-friendly laminators benefit from bulk film rolls rather than pre-cut laminating pouches, which might decrease your provide prices. In this post, we acquire a better seem on the Tamerica VersaLam 1300 – a heavy-duty 13″ roll laminator which can mount, laminate as many as 10 mil, and in some cases accomplish single-sided lamination.

The fundamentals
The VersaLam 1300 from Tamerica is often a 13″ roll laminator which is able of laminating with film thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 10 mil. Contrary to other comparably-sized roll laminators, the VersaLam includes a 3″ core (applying main adapters included in addition to the normal 1″ mandrel), which enables it to make use of larger sized movie rolls (approximately 500′) and a higher variety of movie kinds. A lot of professional-quality films are only out there with a 3″ main, producing the VersaLam 1300 the only 13″ laminator ready to employ specialty movies like DIGIKote, Super-Lam, and nylon laminating movie. Even though its laminating velocity is often a modest 4′ per minute, it might mount around 3/16″, has high-quality heated silicone rollers, includes a rolling metallic stand, and it has a one-year guarantee.

Also, the VersaLam 1300 can complete equally two-sided and single-sided lamination. It is actually outfitted with decurling bars, which counteract the curling tendencies of paperwork that are only laminated on just one side to help you make certain a flat finished products. What’s more, it has an impartial on/off change to the base roller, to ensure the heat can be turned off through single-sided lamination.

In Overview
Smaller roll laminators (using a laminating width of 13″ or less) are developing in popularity with educational institutions, duplicate facilities, churches, offices, and even residence customers, due to the fact they may have decreased source charges in contrast with pouch laminators and may frequently maximize output pace (considering the fact that the paperwork can simply be fed into your equipment rather than becoming manually inserted into pouches). Though you’ll find numerous high-quality, entry-level equipment on this measurement, there are very few professional-level machines. The VersaLam 1300 is capable of laminating employing films nearly ten mil thick, can make use of rolls with both 1″ and 3″ core measurements, mounts nearly 3/16″ thick, and features a heavy-duty, rolling, steel stand. It is additionally capable to carry out single-sided and double-sided lamination, many thanks to built-in decurling bars and an unbiased heating switch with the base roller.

However the VersaLam 1300 may very well be way too substantial of an expenditure for little offices, it can be definitely probably the most very affordable device on the market on the subject of single-sided lamination. It is additionally the one 13″ device that uses heated silicone rollers rather than heat sneakers (which have a tendency to go away modest scratches inside the movie mainly because it passes about them). When you are seeking to get a robust roll laminator that’s filled with characteristics but doesn’t occupy a great deal of area, then you’ll unquestionably would like to think about the VersaLam 1300.